5.3 Ounces of Not-so-guilty Pleasure

October 30, 2007 at 11:39 am Leave a comment

When a friend of mine who lives on the UES and frequents Eli’s first mentioned Emmi Swiss Yogurt, I filed it away as potentially relevant information. Specifically, I wondered if and when the Natural would sell it. It didn’t when I started checking a year ago, but now it does. This weekend I bought two 5.3-ounce containers (incredibly shrinking yogurt!) at $1.89 each; they’re both long gone. Emmi is low-fat and lower-sugar–both undoubtedly related to its teensy size–and it really hits the spot when you need some calories but don’t want to overload. Pyramid of Emmi

The Nibble, which splits hairs about all things food, says that Emmi is not “artisanal” yogurt, which means it is mass-produced and a big no-no among the truly food literate. Alas, it is “beloved by legions for whom the most exciting food happening of the year is the arrival of Emmi in their city.” I plead guilty to having noticed.

Artisanal here, for those of us with less-cultured palates, refers to, e.g., FAGE Total Greek yogurt. I like Fage a lot, but in its time and place–as a dessert with honey dripped and walnuts tossed on top; or dolloped into black bean soup, which is a fantastic thing to make and eat during these weather transitional days. But first thing in the morning? Not a chance.

And I’m happy to have another excuse to get over to the Natural. It’s $1.89 at Trader Joe’s too, but isn’t one of the points of living in the city the walking you’re forced to do? Even with a car, I still get so much (no-guilt) pleasure out of walking to and from a place I’ve frequented for years, and whose owners’ generosity goes well beyond the extra mango they give you if you spend $50+.


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