Little Touch of WNYC

November 6, 2007 at 3:45 pm Leave a comment

Last week, I went to hear Amy Bloom read from her well-reviewed new book Away at the Chelsea B&N. I had two thoughts during her reading, which was appropriately short and stimulating enough for intellectual wannabes (like me) who think a hot night out is a book reading followed by a glass of red and a few shared appetizers; come to think of it, not a bad idea for an early date, when you’re not sure how much time or money you want to spend on the other person.

Anyway, back to my thoughts. The first was, does anyone blog just about author readings in NYC, which is now an indispensable part of book promotion? (Unless you’re Stephen Hawking or a “rock star” celeb in your field, you need to be fab looking and able to speak sentences without too many potholes.) There’s a blog for everything now, so I’m assuming this question was long ago answered. My second thought was, why doesn’t B&N on Austin Street host author readings? Here and there it has signings, but nothing really to blog home about.

So I’m going to check on that. In the meantime, Queens College fills the void nicely, if not as conveniently, with its Evening Readings. Coming up this evening is Seymour Hersh, with an interview by Leonard Lopate of WNYC fame. There’s a charge ($15) for non-CUNY students, which is not a lot to hear him–or Oliver Sacks, Edna O’Brien, David Grossman, Claire Mussud, and Caryl Phillips–speak about what he does and how he does it so well.


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