A Presidential Contender in Forest Hills

November 13, 2007 at 8:51 pm Leave a comment

ufologoblackred78.jpgYahoo had a piece on UFO’s earlier today, about a call from retired generals and U.S. officials to investigate (and take) them more seriously. Who’s to say, right? What I will say is that I liked Dennis Kucinich’s* answer last week on Democracy Now when Amy Goodman asked him about the much-cited report that he had seen a UFO. His response: both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan were also on record as having seen UFOs, so it must be a prerequisite for being president of this country. Talk about turning a lemon into lemonade.

Closer to home, the last time a UFO was recorded sighted in Forest Hills was in 2005.

2 handglider sized birds/crafts? with transparent wings over Queens blvd. and 67th Ave.

Waved wings,flew around each other and seemed to wait for each other. One bigger than the other. Height:around 100-150 feet,no wind at all.

The best i can describe is as if a person could fly a transparent handglider by wavings its wings up and down.

I don’t think we need to pack our bags just yet. But I’m tempted to head up to the site of the sighting to grab a latte.

*For Kucinich diehards, he’ll be in NY next week at a fundraiser hosted by Bloom in Hastings on Hudson. Bloom was an excellent but short-lived organic restaurant that closed at the end of this summer. It’s reopening one last time for this event. Now there’s commitment for you!


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