Tired and Pooped

November 17, 2007 at 7:54 pm Leave a comment

tire_full.jpgThis morning I found that one of my front tires was flat. After rushing my kids out the door to get somewhere on time, our plans were upended by this simple deflation. To make matters worse, someone’s (apparently huge) dog left a pile of you-know-what within two feet of the flat. I stepped in it, because when it rains, it pours.

I called AAA, which dispatched someone within an hour to put on the spare. The guy who did it (he stepped in it too) couldn’t figure out why the air had come out—there was no visible gash or puncture mark in the tire. But he recommended a place on 108 St. (Brother’s International in Corona, by 46th Ave.) to go for a new tire, should it come to that. I went there, and Alex, the owner, did a little investigative work and found that the tire, which I had bought in January, had lost all its air from a tear in the rubber along the rim. Worse than that (in terms of consumer insult to injury), it was obvious that the tire-with-tear had been put on my car that way last winter, ensuring that I would wind up with a flat sooner rather than later.

So here’s what I learned: the place that put on the tire but 11 months ago was a large shop around Northern Blvd. and 108th—there are several large tire places around there, and my thinking at the time was that bigger is better. But in fact, the place was filled with non-English-speaking workers who never looked at or spoke to me other than to make sure I agreed to the price. Had I brought the tire back there today, no one would have recognized me or my claim. But the place I went to today was a small shop where the owner personally attends to whatever shows up. If I have a problem with the tire now, I’m pretty sure he’ll do right by me.

My stinking shoes, however, remain my problem and only my problem.


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