Decongest the Debate

December 16, 2007 at 5:18 pm Leave a comment

There’s an excellent post on streetsblog about congestion pricing and the loss it will be to all of New York if it gets completely derailed by those who make it their business to oppose simply for the sake of opposing. The whole debate now has the feel of a whack-a-mole battle between Michael Bloomberg and people who take an anti-Bloomberg stance as a matter of bloodsport. A zero-sum mentality instead of a dire need to put heads together to find good-enough solutions. I may have some serious qualms about congestion pricing, but I also know it’s time to find fixes. Yes, yes, yes, there needs to be oversight in any undertaking that alters the landscape of New York (in any way), and Bloomberg can’t simply run roughshod over his opponents, but my starting point is not one of knee-jerk disdain for anything he might say. My gut says he’s approaching this with some genuine desire to improve things. (He needs, however, to take a stab at the MTA, which is as out of control as midtown traffic during Nutcracker season. His self-interest on this one, whether real or publicly perceived, belies his credibility elsewhere.)

Note, too, the part of the post that mentions Queens as the fastest-growing borough in New York, a fact highlighted by Brooklyn Junction this past weekend.


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