UnFare/Gotcha Fees

December 20, 2007 at 7:15 am Leave a comment

If the upcoming MTA fare hikes of March aren’t infuriating enough, consider the farkakta lack of (or perhaps not) calculation that went into them. See article in today’s NY Times about this:

The current 20 percent bonus system makes for simple math: Buy five rides and you get one ride free. In other words, if you feed $10 into a MetroCard vending machine, the card will come out showing a balance of $12.

Under the new plan, the minimum that riders must spend to qualify for a bonus will be reduced to $7, from $10, in an effort to put a fare discount within the reach of more people with lower incomes. But in that case, when someone puts $7 on a card, an additional $1.05 will appear on the card, for a total of $8.05.

If they take four subway trips, at $2 each, that will leave a balance on the card of five cents. If they refill the card with another $7, it will then show a total value of $8.10, enough for four rides, with a dime left over. The real challenge is figuring out how much to put on the card to bring it up to a round sum.

Okay, we all know that besides being a royal pain in the rear to even figure this out, the amount of time it will actually take to accumulate enough nickels to amount to an actual fare will never come to pass; riders will ditch their cards long before that moment occurs, further and faster lining the pockets of the MTA.



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