New Years Resolution: A Green Market

December 25, 2007 at 9:26 am Leave a comment

intro_greenmrkt1.jpgThere’s a discussion on Queens Central Forums about getting a green market in Forest Hills. We sorely lack one, and if enough of us push for it, maybe, just maybe—but it has to start with a groundswell of demand. So let’s demand, because the closest one we have right now is at the Hall of Science, not particularly convenient or plump in terms of variety.
From “mickiet,” a Forum poster:

Laurel Halter
Greenmarket, CENYC

I wrote to her asking if the greenmarket in Atlas Park could be changed to Sundays in McDonald Park on QB. Here’s what she said:

” We are always looking for new locations. As a resident, you know the neighborhood; we would appreciate your assistance identifying potential locations. Once a viable market site is identified, we may begin reaching out to individuals or agencies in control of the property, local politicians, community board members and the police precinct to begin the process of securing a permit. Please let us know of any neighborhood or business associations, that we may also contact. Starting early is essential, as it can take a year or more from identifying a site to opening day. Please find some information below as to what we look for in new neighborhood sites….

The most desirable site is well known, easily visible and accessible, preferably in a neighborhood of medium to high density, which has significant existing foot traffic.

There are other important considerations in selecting a site:
Sites that can accommodate parking for farmers trucks are desirable.
Toilet access is essential for farmers. While restaurants and stores sometimes provide this, locations such as a community center are preferable. This could also provide a storage space for a table, chairs, benches, umbrellas, signs, bags, literature and other miscellany a market requires.

Markets always do better when a friendly face is present from the neighborhood. Local sponsors, such as a block association, BID, church, community center, co-op, tenants association, or even an ad-hoc committee can be invaluable….”

Photo CENYC.


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