2007 Top 10 FoHi Moments

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Wishing everyone health, happiness, and the realization of a few dreams for this upcoming year.

To conclude the year, I gave some thought to the what were the defining moments for Forest Hills this year. If you have more the add, please do! Comments are always welcome.

1. The malling of Austin Street continued, but the real development was blogs on which people spent a lot of time speculating on what would close next and what would replace it.

2. The closing of UJs. Like it or not, this was the end of an era.

3. Sale of the town houses on 72nd Ave. in July, signaling to Forest Hills’ concerned residents that everything around here is fair game (as if we didn’t know that already from the Cord Meyer tear downs). The start-up of local blogs, in turn, has given us a forum to let our opinions on such matters be heard. Keep it coming, people.

4. Novo 64. It will open in August ’08, but the Spring ’07 onset of construction of a luxury condo in a less-than-prime part of Forest Hills was enough to get us scratching our heads, wondering, what are they thinking? Or, what are they up to?

5. Bank robberies on Austin and Continental. Remains an unsolved problem.

6. Excellent report cards for some of our schools in early November–P.S. 196 and P.S. 101 brought home A’s. The C for 144 caught some of us off guard, our first clue that the standards for these “grades” are not the ones many of us use when evaluating a school. But does it matter if it pushes area real estate prices higher?

7. The end-October shooting of dentist Daniel Malakov in the Annadale Playground behind P.S. 175 while his 4-year-old daughter watched. A few weeks later, Mikhail Mallayev, a relative of Malakov’s questionably stable ex-wife, Dr. Mazoltuv Borukhova, was identified as the killer and then indicted.

8. The seizure of bicycles in July near the Forest Hills train station as an early salvo in Michael Bloomberg’s PlaNYC. A few months later, Forest Hills would become one of the focal points in the congestion pricing debates.

9. Market Wars. Trader Joe’s opened in October, and the Natural upped its ante by swallowing the store formerly known as Baskin Robbins in November. Breakthrough is scheduled for sometime in January.

10. Our Man on the Beat. The rise of Nicholas Hirshon as a regular contributing reporter at the Daily News. Hirshon is a Forest Hills resident and has had recent articles about the Natural’s takeover of Baskin Robbins, the closing of UJs, and the book The Neighborhoods of Queens.


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