Lights to Go Out at Ethan Allen

February 1, 2008 at 7:19 am Leave a comment

In general Splitting Hairs tries to avoid getting too caught up in this-store-closing or that-store-closing. Stores will always come and go in any neighborhood, and what we really care/comment about here is the overall vector of change we are seeing in Forest Hills.

That said, Queens Central posted today that Ethan Allen over on Queens Boulevard is closing. Big news for two reasons. First, it is a huge retail space that, as Steve-QC aptly points out, is customized to EA’s look and inventory, so it’s hard to imagine what retailer would be able to replace it. However, if you just knock it down, like a kid messing up the Lincoln Log house he just built, it’s a juicy opportunity for some developer to put up another high-end residential building. We should be so unlucky.


Second, if you have any Ethan Allen furniture and were hoping to add to a particular set or look, now’s the time to do it with convenience. I actually used to shop there (not enough, apparently), and since I’m really lazy about shopping in general, and probably won’t take the trouble to shlep to a different store location, my son’s bedroom is going to get a decidedly eclectic look going forward.

This really is/was our only real furniture store. Laytners or Soleil are absolutely not in the same league. So, finally, I wonder what this says about our neighborhood and how and where people are spending their money. Is it time for Forest Hills to get a Bo Concept? When do we age out of Ikea? Do people really order a couch or bed online, sight unseen, touch unfelt? Or are we simply not buying furniture period, in light of our anxiety about the real estate market?


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