Beating the Holiday Rush

February 13, 2008 at 9:19 pm Leave a comment

images-11.jpegTonight is Valentine’s Day for me and mine because of a family visit—blood being thicker than chocolate. (Obvious question: So why on earth are you blogging???) Earlier in the week we hit our 2008 Zagat’s and picked out a 26-rated restaurant in Brooklyn, but then got skittish about the weather and switched it to Danny Brown’s. So glad we did, because our meal was heartfully memorable. We shared a salad and then the shrimp (creatively seasoned) and grilled calamari w/ white beans appetizers and Chicken on a Brick entree. All just right.

We also noticed and appreciated how considerate the staff is. The servers are becoming more knowledgeable about the wines (only fitting for a wine bar), and they seated all parties with a table in between them, i.e., every other table was filled for as long as it could be pulled off. Don’t you hate it when a restaurant smushes its diners together, one after another, even though there are plenty of tables in which to spread them out?

Danny Brown’s is completely booked for Valentine’s Day, and has been since last week. We peeked at the VD menu and saw that it’s filled with lots of culinary surprises that we won’t give away. Enjoy whether you’ll be there…

…or elsewhere!


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