Guilt-Free (Almost) Bags

April 22, 2008 at 7:05 am Leave a comment

By Emily Kehoe

Last week, the NY Times ran yet another piece about the evils of plastic bags; the lead-in was that Whole Foods is going to cease offering them to customers, starting today, Earth Day. Lovely to read that WF’S corporate conscience will feel better, but what about my trash?

The article’s author points out the obvious-but-not-often-expressed: Why not use the grocery store-type plastic bag as your garbage bag rather than buying them? Duh. That makes the most sense, and that is what I (and probably you) have done for years. Let’s face it, we are not likely to start using paper bags for trash, but we can reuse what we have, thereby reducing the landfill, and not make empty plastic bags part of the problem. Isn’t this just common sense?

A few forward-thinking locales (e.g., Cold Spring, NY) have, through their local Chamber of Commerce, produced a canvas bag with a community logo for carrying things around town. I guess when you live near the Hudson River, with its winds of eco-influence blowing from the Riverkeeper and Pete Seeger, you take this save-the-environment thing a little more seriously.

But we too can easily be a little greener by reusing any bags we accept (plastic, handled shopping bags, etc.) and by not accepting bags we don’t need and aren’t likely to reuse, no matter how much the clerk at Victoria’s Secret wants us to take the bright, shiny pink bag. Be Nancy Reagan, Nike, and Ghandi all at the same time—just say no… just do it…and be the change you wish to see in [Forest Hills]. Oh, and carry your own tote when you head over to Austin St. so you can walk the walk, because you’re not driving there, are you?


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