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June 23, 2008 at 9:30 pm Leave a comment

I’m totally wiped out from family visits these past few weeks, on top of a bunch of other social and school-related events. Because Forest Hills is smack-dab between LGA and JFK, we’re the natural pit-stop for family and friends arriving and departing, whether it’s for a night, dinner, or just to use the bathroom. Not a complaint, mind you, but a note of gratitude. I consider us lucky to be so conveniently located that we are a de facto destination for so many people we care about. In a world where seeing your closest ones is not at all a given, living near these points of entry to the hub-city of the world gives us the extra possibility and hope of keeping hard-to-maintain connections. I must say, though, that it’s a bit weird to see more of our relatives from California and even abroad than close friends who live on the Upper West Side! It’s that whole “need a passport to cross the East River” mentality.

Speaking of which, I think it’s now working in reverse. Whereas once, many people who lived in Queens (esp. non-natives) felt apologetic for being all the way “out here” and routinely made the trek to Manhattan on weekends to correct things socially, I now know plenty in this neighborhood who rarely get to Manhattan (outside of work obligations). Maybe it’s the combination of 9/11, telecommuting, and so much more happening in Queens these past few years, as well as people actually putting down roots here instead of beating it to the suburbs—all of which have been cited by several people I know as reasons they no longer spend as much time “in the city” as they used to. With two kids, it certainly takes a lot to lure me in, because the stress of subway delays or parking just isn’t worth it. And now, with so much happening closer to home culturally, there’s less of a pull. The timing is right: gas is of a limited, prohibitively priced supply and there’s enough going on in the immediate vicinity to make staying close to home a true and satisfying option

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