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Symptoms on the LIE

I’ve noticed a tremendous increase in traffic on the LIE between LIC and FoHi (Grand Central). On any given day, there’s usually some slow down or even back up relating to exiting the LIE to get on the GCP, and it sometimes extends back to the Maurice Ave. exit. But now it’s much more solid and it goes back to where the BQE feeds into the LIE. Been like this on both Monday and Tuesday. 

Are more people driving because of the swine flu and fear of taking the subway?


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It Ain’t Over…

Most people in Forest Hills have long stopped following or caring about the Borukhova case, especially since the trial has wrapped up and Borukhova and her uncle received life sentences. 

So you’d think that would have been the end of it. But no, it seems that this thing is going to drag on, now with the help of Alan Dershowitz, who has signed on to Borukhova’s appeal team. Something about her not getting a fully fair trial:

Scaring [Borukhova’s atty.] argued that Hanophy forced Borukhova to choose between staying in court on the Sabbath –a violation of her Orthodox Jewish beliefs — or risk putting her lawyer at a disadvantage in his closing argument.

Scaring claims Hanophy rushed things because the judge was about to go on vacation.

In the end, Hanophy decided not to make the defendants stay past sundown but, as a result, Queens Assistant District Attorney Brad Leventhal got an extra weekend to polish his closing statements, Scaring wrote in legal papers to Hanophy before sentencing. Hanophy rejected the motion.

Hanophy also made a series of questionable comments about the defendants’ religion, including references to the Old and New Testament and “20,000 pieces of silver” in last week’s sentencing, Scaring said.


But it’s also the case that Borukhova was, let’s just say, flexible with her sabbath observance at times. You can read about all of this as it was playing out here and judge for yourself.

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Taste of FoHi This Weekend


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Speaker on Eichmann at the Y

Splitting Hairs remains an active fan and supporter of the Y’s lecture program, which brings first-rate information and speakers to our areas.

The latest offering involves new evidence about Adolf Eichmann. Forest Hills is to this day a tightly knit community where issues surrounding the Holocaust still hit very close to home. 

Newly revealed evidence on the postwar international manhunt for Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the mass murder of Europe’s Jews, gives an unprecedented glimpse into how Eichmann could have evaded capture for fifteen years, as well as details of the capture itself.  On Tuesday, April 28, at 1:30 p.m. best-selling author Neal Bascomb will discuss his new book, Hunting Eichman

Bascomb, the first journalist in fifty years to thoroughly reexamine the evidence, had access to newly declassified information, also tracked down former Nazi soldiers and right-wing radicals who hid Eichmann in Buenos Aires, as well as traveling to Israel to meet with legendary Mossad operatives.  Basomb’s new book details new evidence that both the German security services and the CIA knew of Eichmann’s whereabouts, but never revealed it to the Israelis.  It also tells the story of how Eichmann slipped out of Europe and how his sons recruited members of a radical nationalist group in Argentina to help search for their father.

  • Central Queens YM & YWHA
  • 67-09 108 Street in Forest Hills 
  • $4.50 donation suggested. 

For more information, call 718-268-5011, ext. 151, or email

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Last Stop Kew Gardens


I feel terrible that I missed seeing this documentary, which was aired on Ch. 21 this past Weds. night. Over weak coffee at Cannelle’s French bakery (the baked goods are definitely not weak!) on Thursday a.m., a close friend was relating details from it to me, saying that it was gripping and moved her to tears. The NY Times had an article about it on Thursday in the metro section, but by then it was too late for people to catch it. 

If you peruse the site for the film, you’ll see that some of the people interviewed for it are ones you might recognize, like Steve Brill (Wildman Steve), Peter Mayer (former CEO of Penguin Books), and Jerry Springer. 

I think I’ll wind up buying the DVD because it mirrors the experience of several of my family members, including my-guy.

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