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On May 23 newspapers and local blogs reported on a rape that occurred in the area. A story like this leaves me unsettled because we get the news, are vigilant for a few days (if that), and then revert to more relaxed ways of conducting our lives when nothing further happens and we don’t hear anything else on the subject. But what about the rapist? Where did he go? Are there other victims we aren’t hearing about because they live in other neighborhoods–somebody else’s problem, so to speak? 

I wish there were ways to get people, especially women, to retain that necessary vigilance in the face of an endless supply of predators and people who would otherwise cause us harm. I’m not talking about walking around in perpetual fear or in a defensive posture. Just a low-level constant awareness that luck might not always be with us, and one that can be sustained even when the media is bombarding us with stories about the lives (and lately, deaths) of celebrities instead of information we really need to make good decisions. 

Anyway, rainy month ruminations aside, I’ve heard from a reliable source that this particular rapist has been caught. It will be interesting to see if the arrest gets any coverage in the papers. 

Exhale…for the moment.


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